How to Play Android Games on PC Using Android Emulator

Gone are days when Android games were simple and basic. Now, it won’t be wrong to say that there are far better games than what you find in PC, Mac or dedicated gaming consoles. Plus, you can’t count on the perk of portability, multi-player gaming and easy set-up. However, not all smartphones shall be powerful enough to run the best Android games. Moreover, some games may offer better experience if played on a somewhat bigger screen. This is why it now makes sense to start playing Android games on PC, but how do you do that?

For starters, you can use an Android Emulator, which can let you play Android games on PC, Mac and Linux devices. If you don’t know how to do that, you can learn that from here. In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can play Android games on PC using Android emulator.  We don’t want you to get too much technical, since the process itself is simple enough. Shall we jump into the steps? Well, before that, we will give you a short introduction to setting up the emulator for playing games.

An Intro to Playing Android Games using Android Emulators

We hope you know the basic functions of an Android emulator, which is to create a virtual Android device. The best part is that the device is made inside an existing PC/Mac/Linux interface. You can also call it a virtual machine, in technical terms. Out of these Android emulators, most are optimized for gaming purposes too. It means that you can have an enhanced Android gaming experience using such software. It’s just that you need to have one of the best Android emulators from the web.

We’d recommend going for Nox App Player if you need advanced gaming performance and features. It also manages to offer a standard Android experience; in case you are planning to install some apps too. If you’re going to try some hardcore games, we’d recommend running the emulator alone. It will help you have even smoother gameplay and graphics enhancements. Also, if the emulator allows you to adjust the resolution & graphics intensity, adjust them to the best of what your hardware can afford.

Now that you have an idea, shall we check out the actual process you need to follow for playing games in PC via Android emulators? We’ve kept everything crisp and clear so that you can easily follow.

How to Play Android Games on PC?

Let’s have a look at the prerequisites.

  • PC/Mac, preferably running the latest version of Microsoft Windows or macOS.
  • Internet connection with decent speed
  • Support for OpenGL or respective protocols

Don’t worry about these. If you have a recently-purchased Windows PC, it’s going to be alright. And, we can now get into the steps required.

  • First of all, you need to download the Android emulator from the official websites. There are different emulators available in the market — both paid and free — and you can choose according to your set of requirements. There are a few emulators that offer extraordinary gaming optimization and control too.
  • You can easily follow the installation method, which won’t take more than a few minutes. In fact, the installation process should be so simple in case of most Android emulators. Once you are done, you’d be able to open the Emulator and start the virtual Android device.
  • When it comes to majority of Android emulators, the virtual device doesn’t take over the full system. You will be able to run it alongside other apps, probably in a small window too. However, when it’s the time for gaming, you can toggle full-screen and get the real experience.

Now, you have successfully set up your Android emulator. It’s a complete Android system and you can install any Android-based game in the device. Play Store support is subject to compatibility, but even that’s okay.

You can easily download the corresponding APK files from the official files and install the game. Given your emulator is running the latest version of Android — or, somewhere near —, compatibility won’t be an issue.

That having said, if there is Play Store support, it’s recommended to install the game from Play Store itself. The emulator will be using your broadband or Wi-Fi connection without further set up. So, it’s great, right?

The Bottom Line

We hope this guide answered all your questions regarding how to play Android games on PC using Android emulators. Do let us know if you have any further doubts, through comments. By the way, while playing the games, make sure that nothing else is draining your resources.

How to Run Apps on Android Emulator

How would you respond if you say that you don’t need an Android smartphone to run Android apps? If you think that’s funny, you’re wrong. Given that you have a PC or Mac with you, you have another way to run all your favorite Android apps from Play Store or elsewhere.

While there is no native support for Android apps in either Windows or macOS, there is one tool that works on both platforms Android emulators. Earlier, it was used by developers only. Now, however, you have better things to do with an Android emulator and you don’t need technical expertise for that either. If you want to try this out, we will help you here.

In this article, we have created a systematic guide on how to apps on Android Emulator, while ensuring best features and options. The guide isn’t specific to any methods, but you will get an idea of using it. Can we start, then?

About Android Emulators

If you are familiar with tech, the term emulator will make sense. You may have already seen some emulators, where a virtual device is created. In case of Android emulators too, the same is going to happen. We already mentioned that you need a Windows PC, Mac or Linux device for running these emulators. When majority of emulators offer support for Windows and Mac, the case of Linux is a bit doubtful. Anyway, using emulator, you can create an Android system inside your Windows or Mac.

  • How Does It Work

Obviously, your system resources will be used by this virtual device, but in a controlled environment. In most cases, you can run other programs even while the Android emulator is functioning. So, inside the aforesaid emulator, you will have a complete Android experience. It will be like using an Android device that has bigger screens — big enough to feel like a computer. We hope you understand the working process of an Android emulator, or any Android emulator.

  • Choosing an Emulator

You have a bunch of choices when it comes to choosing an Android emulator for running apps. Compatibility should be the top priority; given that you need to run as many apps as you want. Nox App Player is one of the best Android emulators you can find on the web right now. It’s completely free to use and offers superb-level compatibility too. That having said, you can go for any Android emulator that you find convenient and go for premium, if you need more features.

How to Run Apps on Android Emulator?

You need to keep an eye on the following steps to do Android emulation.

Step #1

Find the right Android emulator for you, download it and proceed with installation. It won’t take more than a few minutes at maximum. This doesn’t include the time for initial start-up, though.

Step #2

Once you have installed the program, you can go ahead and open the Emulator. As we said, initial startup is likely to take more time. However, once you are done, you don’t have to do it again.

Now that you have launched the emulator, you can see the Android interface inside. Depending on the type of emulator you are using, it will be Stock Android or with some customizations.

Step #3

So, you are currently with the virtual Android device, right? It’s now a matter of clicks to install the apps you need. Some emulators may have Play Store; some may not. If there is Play Store support, you can go ahead and install the apps from Play Store.

Even otherwise, you just need to download the APK file and do a manual install. Using these two methods, it is possible to run almost every Android apps. Almost all Android emulators will have APK support; so, it’s a win-win.

Step #4

Once the app installation is complete, you can launch it from Home Screen or the App Drawer. It won’t take more than a few seconds and you’re done. It’s that simple to install and run your favorite Android apps using an Android emulator.

Wrapping Up

Did you think it was this simple to run apps on Android emulator? We’ve come a long way in terms of usable tech, you know. By the way, which is your favorite Android emulator for running apps? Do let us know and also the features you love in the ideal Android emulator for running apps.

Best Android Emulators of 2017

Not many people know this, but you don’t need to have an Android device for using Android apps and playing games! You can do both these things by creating an Android environment inside your Windows, Mac or Linux device using an Android emulator. For those who don’t know, Android emulator is a simple piece of utility software that can run Android OS inside the actual OS you’re running, such as Microsoft Windows or macOS.

Although there weren’t many choices before, by 2017, there are different types of Android emulators you’d find. To help you select the best one, we have created a list of the best Android emulators of 2017. We have given equal importance to usability, features, and stability. Most of these emulators are built to run apps and play games, not for extensive development.

#1 Nox App Player

Nox App Player is undoubtedly the best Android emulator you can have in 2017, available for both Windows and macOS. Despite the name App Player, Nox App Player creates a virtual Android device inside your PC or Mac. You can use it for playing games, using apps and even for some stuff of development. Simple installing process and complete access to Play Store are just two awesome features of this emulator.

If you are planning hardcore Android gaming, you can enjoy the features like Keyboard Control and Graphics Control. On the other hand, when it comes to installing and running apps, Nox App Player offers ultimate compatibility. In other words, when you set up this Android emulator, you will receive a fully-fledged Android device that runs on v4.4. It is our personal favorite when it comes to running apps.


When compared to the typical Android emulators you have seen, AMIDuOS is somewhat more powerful. It ensures the best-class hardware and software performance through classic optimization. Instead of creating a virtual machine, AMIDuOS will be optimizing the Windows hardware to run Android apps and features. It’s pretty useful, given the complete access to Android-based features.

Currently, AMIDuOS is available for Windows PCs only. Once installed, your virtual Android device is just one click away. It should be noted that, unlike Nox App Player, AMIDuOS is paid. However, you can always run a free trial before you actually purchase the software. We’d recommend AMIDuOS only if you need a powerful system. It’s an overkill if you just need to play some games or use WhatsApp.

#3 Bluestacks

Bluestacks is the Android emulator that has been dedicated to gaming. If your primary purpose of having a virtual Android device is gaming, you can consider going for Bluestacks. It’s available for Mac and PC, offering almost the same features too. The latest version of the program is Bluestacks 3 and it offers many not-seen-before features.

Despite the optimizations for gaming, Bluestacks is pretty good for running apps too. It’s, more often than not, recommended as the best way to access WhatsApp from your PC or Mac. You can also have a simple & effective installation, followed by a standard-level performance in this emulator. On top of all these, it’s free to use and trustworthy.

#4 Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player calls itself the most advanced Android game emulator in the world. Developed by Jide, the program is completely optimized for Android gaming and associated features. Keyboard Mapping and option for remembering the settings are just some features of the program. You can enjoy the perks when it comes to multi-user gaming too.

For those who are beginners, Remix OS Player will be installing a virtual device that runs Remix OS, which is essentially based on Android. However, inside that system, you can run almost all the Android games, apps you like. Multi-tasking is one of the best features when you emulate Android using Remix OS Player because it has brought a Desktop interface on top of Android Marshmallow. But, Remix OS Player is quite a lot heavy.

Wrapping Up

Comprehensively speaking, we still believe that Nox App Player is the best choice in the list. It’s perhaps the simplest way to run Android apps and play games, in an effective and smooth manner. While others offer a bunch of fancy features and performance, not many users want them. Also, when compared to the 3 other emulators we have covered, Nox offers a more standard version of Android. Despite all these, you have an option to make your own choice. Happy Android gaming, folks!