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One thing that most people miss while upgrading from Android to iOS is the wonderful collection of games and apps. Let’s not talk about the perks of multi-tasking and other features, which you may compromise for the exclusive features of iOS. As far as games are concerned, not many people want to purchase a dedicated Android device for playing games. That’s when the idea of playing Android games on PC or Mac comes to the stage. But, wait, how can you do that? Neither Windows nor macOS offers built-in support for Android apps and games, right? This is precisely where you can make use of Nox App Player.

For those who are still wondering, Nox App Player is a completely free way to play Android games on a PC or Mac, with complete ease. The last time we checked, however, most people didn’t know about this awesome way to emulate Android on PC and play the games they want. So, we decided to create a complete guide to Nox App Player and how you can use this program to create an Android system inside your PC/Mac and thus get into the huge-enough collection of games and apps. Shall we start? Anyway, before we begin, let us give you a quick overview of what we will be talking about here.

In this guide, we will give you an introduction to Nox App Player, why you should use it, how you can use it and a few tips and tricks that we’ve been using for seamless Android gameplay in our devices. We have been using this program for a week in a macOS device and the performance has been just amazing. It’s the same opinion that we’ve received from those who have used the Windows version too. Here, we will be using the screenshots from macOS version. So, shall we begin with that mandatory introduction to Nox App Player, a popular Android emulator?

What is Nox App Player?

For starters, we have a simple answer! Nox App Player is a program that lets you run Android apps & games on your PC or Mac. It means that Nox App Player is available for both Microsoft Windows and macOS. You’ll be able to download and install the program in any of these devices and start using the benefits. In terms of technicality, we can call Nox App Player as an Android emulator. It means that the program is emulating one Android system within the PC/Mac environment. It’s somewhat like running a virtual machine, but you don’t have to get too technical: it’s rather simpler.

So, if you have a Windows PC or a Mac device, you can go ahead and get the Nox App Player installed in the device. Then, it’s like having an Android smartphone that’s built into the actual computer. You can use that Android system any way you like, although the recommended purpose is to play games. That’s why it’s called an Android emulator, and not a Game Emulator. The current version is Nox App Player5 and you can get that from the official website of Nox. As we said, being completely free to download, there’s nothing much to be worried about pricing or subscriptions.

Still wondering how you can use it? Let’s talk about that.

Why Should You Use It?

There can be multiple reasons why you may want to check out Nox App Player. Some of them are:

  • As we said earlier, you want to play your favorite Android games without relying on an Android device as such. In this scenario, you don’t have to use an Android phone or tablet PC, right? Moreover, you’d have all the benefits of a huge-enough screen. Won’t that be awesome to play those heavy-graphics games on a bigger screen? Or, alternatively, if you don’t have a powerful Android phone that handles heavy games, you can use the resources from a Mac or Windows PC.

  • Nox App Player can be a virtual alternative to an actual Android phone. When it comes to using some apps that are available to Android only, it’s quite helpful. For instance, we can consider WhatsApp Messenger, which is available for mobile devices only. With the help of Nox App Player, you can run it on your Mac/PC too. You can even check out some not-so-trusted apps if you want because every action is taking place inside a virtual simulation.
  • If you are a developer, you can use Nox App Player for a real-like testing too. In case you didn’t know, you can simply use an APK file to install the app and use it in the device. There are a few features that can help you, such as Screen Capture and Auto-Touch Macro. We’ll talk about those features in the coming sections of the article. For now, keep in mind that Nox App Player is a wonderful solution for your Android testing needs.


Don’t you think you have plenty of reasons to check out this wonderful Android game/app simulator? Now, we will tell you how you can download, install and start using Nox App Player.

How to Download and Install Nox App Player on Mac or PC?

Like we said earlier, Nox App Player is available for both Windows and Mac. We will tell you how we managed to install Nox App Player in our MacBook Air and started using it for playing games. Shall we go through the steps?

  1. First of all, you have to visit the official website of Nox App Player. There, you can know more about this free Android simulator and download links.
  2. Make sure that you download the corresponding version from the website. In our case, we got the macOS version, which was a setup file of 366MB. If you have a decent internet connection, it should be ready to go in a few seconds.
  3. Open the Installation package and wait till the program is extracted and installed. It won’t take more than a few seconds, or maximum, a minute.
  4. You might have to toggle some security settings, for seamlessly installing and opening Nox App Player in the Mac. Once you are done with the installation, you can open Nox App Player from Spotlight or the App List.

This is how you actually install Nox App Player in your system, in an effective manner. At the time of initial startup, the program may take around a minute. Don’t mind this, because Nox App Player is ensuring cores right. Once the program has been initiated, you can see a window as shown below.

As you can see, the screen resembles that of an Android device. That’s the whole point of all the simulation, you know: you will be able to create a virtual Android interface that lets you play games, install apps and do almost everything you might do with an Android smartphone or tablet PC.

So, if you see that window, you can confirm that Nox App Player has been successfully installed in the Mac. It can be run on half-screen or full-screen interfaces, depending on the purpose. That is, when it comes to playing some graphics-rich games, you can toggle the mode to full-screen, for an immersive experience.

In short, we think that Nox App Player installation is pretty simple. By the way, you can see a screenshot of landscape mode above, but you can always shift to Portrait mode. You just have to go to Settings, select the type of device simulation you want and restart the program.

Installing Apps & Games in Nox App Player

Now that you have successfully installed and set up Nox App Player, it’s time to play some games, right? We will tell you how you can install an Android app in the virtual machine. In fact, you have different ways to do that. We will tell you both.

Method #1 — via Google Play Store

This is where things get more interesting. Nox App Player has native support for downloading and installing apps via Play Store. For that, however, you need to connect your Google account to the virtual device. It can be done by following the same steps you’ve been following in an Android phone or tablet. You can also make a new Google account from the interface, if you don’t like to use the old one.

Once you are in Play Store, you can simply select the game, install it and start playing.

Method #2 — via APK Files

Things are better and easier if you already have the APK file of the game/app you want to install. If it is the case, you can click on the APK button that’s seen on the left sidebar and select the APK file from your Mac’s file directory. Because the Virtual System automatically allows installation from Unknown Sources, the app will be installed in no time. You can also drag and drop APK files for installation.

So, this is a convenient option if you have the APK file with you, especially in the case of heavy files.

In addition, it needs to be noted that your Nox App Player Android device has super-user support as well. It means you have a rooted device and can run apps that may require root access to the device. It’s an awesome feature as far as Android emulation is concerned.

Playing Games in Nox App Player — Our Experience

We believe that most of you will be installing Nox App Player for playing games. So, we thought of sharing a true-to-experience narrative of how it feels to play some popular games in this virtual machine. To let you understand easily, we have divided this into different sections.

  • Compatibility

When you install and set up Nox App Player, you are getting a virtual Android machine that runs on Android v4.4.2. And, you will be able to run any game that supports the abovementioned version. That is, if you see the 4.4 or above tag along with the game info on Play Store, it means that you can play that game using Nox App Player. We had tried almost all the popular games in this emulator, including Asphalt Airborne. Almost every game worked perfectly, which is great.

  • Performance

Nox App Player has, in fact, an option to optimize the virtual machine performance. You can select one from the trio of Low, Medium and Performance. If set on the Highest performance mode, you can have the best experience of gaming from the app. Even the high-end graphics work smoothly, giving you an immersive and impressive experience. You can also decide the interface resolution of the virtual Android device. This way, you can have the best visual output your monitor/screen can offer.

  • Controls

This is where Nox App Player gives you somewhat complete freedom. You have many ways to control the gameplay when you’re playing something via Nox App Player. First of all, you can use the touchpad or mouse for traditional mode of control. Second, there is an option named Keyboard Control. Using this section, you can assign particular keys for certain tasks in a game/app. There are a few types of keyboard control to be used, according to the type of game you’re playing.

We think it’s better if we talk in terms of examples. Suppose you are playing a RPG game that requires sudden movements for your characters. In that case, you cannot always reach out to every button using the mouse, and it’s pretty inconvenient too. At this point, you can make the best use of Keyboard Control, by which you will have an option to assign some keystrokes to certain actions or powers of the characters. For instance, it is possible to set the WASD combination for character movement and something else for a special power.

Technically speaking, it’s key mapping and this process will temporarily disable the typing option. Of course, you can toggle this mode with ease, using the keyboard shortcut as well. Depending on the game, you might have to change this and initial set-up may take some time. However, this setting is going to change the way you game — totally.

Except for the Keyboard Control section, everything in Nox App Player Gaming section is impressive. You don’t have to worry about technical expertise or anything when you want to enjoy your favorite game using this emulator. On the other hand, it’s just a keystrokes away.

Some Other Features We Loved in Nox App Player

Apart from the core emulation task, Nox App Player has some convenience-oriented features too. Some of them are:

  • If you are interested in a more realistic gameplay, you can always connect your joystick to the system. Compatibility may be restricted, but most of the popular devices are working fine with the Nox App Player. This is great when you have some serious FPS or RPG games installed in the machine. Though, it should be noted that the Joystick integration feature is available in the Windows version only and we could not find it in the Mac version.
  • There is an in-built Screenshot feature and Macro Recorder feature. Both of them are useful when you want extra benefits from the emulator, something other than Android gaming. While it’s up to you to use the features, they might come in handy.
  • Nox App Player offers complete control over window and performance control. Depending on your own needs, you can select Smartphone or Tablet PC layout. For instance, if you are planning to check out some normal apps, you need the portrait mode with normal resolution. On the other hand, if you want the benefits of high-end graphics and controls, you can go with the landscape mode with full-size resolution.
  • Last but not least, in Windows version, Nox App Player offers advanced control over app behavior. You can decide features like OpenGL and DirectX. There are also options to restrict RAM usage of the virtual machine, as far as performance management goes. All these features are pretty useful when you need the best gaming experience from the emulator.
    In short, Nox App Player is packed with even the tiniest feature that can enhance gameplay and offer latest and best performance. When accompanied by the abovementioned control options and given that your PC or Mac has the best set of resources, Android gaming via Nox App Player will be the epitome of smoothness.A Talk on UINox App Player literally shines in this department! It has one of the best User Interface designs we have ever seen in Android system emulators. While other simulators try to bring a lot of features and thus depreciate the user-friendliness, Nox App Player has done the opposite. Every feature in this Android simulator is pretty well-arranged and can offer the best results. Even the case of Keyboard Control is no different. You just have to get used to the system, which won’t take more than a second. Last but not least, Nox App Player also has a bunch of tutorials and support material that can clear your doubts.

    The Bottom Line

    Judging in light of our experience in app emulator, gaming emulators and other types of competitors, it’s like stating the obvious to say that Nox App Player is the best choice.The way we see it, Nox App Player is free to use, offers the best features and can impress almost every user — whether a developer or a common man out there. It’s a matter of amazement that the developers have managed to create this Android emulator in a versatile manner. So, at the end of the day, we’d recommend Nox App Player to everyone who likes to play Android games on a Windows PC or Mac. As we said earlier, some features are available on Windows only, but still, Mac offers unmatchable performance. By the way, what do you think of this software?

Nox App Player Download - Free Android Emulator on PC and Mac
  • User Experience
  • Compatibility


Nox App Player is free to use, offers the best features and can impress almost every user — whether a developer or a common man out there.